【Tokyo/Tamachi】Capsule hotel Wasabi Mita Hotel Review close to Mita/Tamachi Station

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In this articel, we would like to introduce Wasabi Mita Hotel [Mita/Tamachi]

Only 3000 yen per night Wasabi Mita Hotel is really recommended to who want to save money!

In conclusion, this is the place to go for a capsule hotel with good access to central business areas such as Tokyo Station, Shinbashi, Roppongi, and Toranomon. Let’s take a look.

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It doesn’t look like a capsule hotel, this is what the entrance feels like.

Many capsule hotels tend to be located on multiple floors within a building, but this one is located in a single building, which is what I like about it.

There were some capsule hotels near Shinbashi Station in Tokyo, but I decided not to stay because the buildings were next to each other and it seemed crowded.

The road in front of the hotel is a main street like this. There are a lot of cars passing by, so please be careful.

The nearest station is about a 5-minute walk from JR Tamachi Station or Mita Line Mita Station.

Wasabi Mita Hotel


¥3000/per night (20$ per night)

If you can stay at a capsule hotel near Tamachi Station for 3,000 yen, I think it’s cheap. In Tokyo as you know a lot of foreigners comes and which makes accommodation fee increase

\Agoda has cashback so it’s a good deal/

・You want to keep the price as low as possible.
・You want to have excellent access to both Tokyo Station and Shibuya.

If you want to achieve those 2 points above, Wasabi Mita Hotel is one of the best option!

About Wasabi Mita Hotel

Hotel NameWasabi Mita Hotel
Hotel RankNo Rank
Hotel TypeCapsule Hotel
(Around 20$/night)
LocationTokyo Minato City
Check in time
Check out time
English availableNo
(All of the process is done by tablet in front of the Hotel door)
Available Hotel Booking site Agoda
Rakuten Travel

The hotel booking site that I recommend and always use is Agoda. Agoda has also become popular recently, and I feel like reservations are filling up quickly.

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② There is cashback

These two points are the big reasons! Please give it a try.I only use Agoda because you can make reservations smoothly.


Are capsule hotels safe?

In conclusion, it was very safe and comfortable.

The room I stayed in was on a unisex floor (although there may be women-only floor), but everyone seemed to be used to it and there was nothing special about it, so it was comfortable.

There were many women staying alone at Wasabi Mita Hotel, so there was no need to worry about safety at all.

Wi-Fi Speed

Super fast!

When traveling to Japan, it is a good idea to have Wi-Fi or eSIM in advance. If you forget, there are rental Wi-Fi facilities at major airports such as Haneda Airport, Narita Airport, and Kansai International Airport.

If you want a convenient eSIM (you don’t need the device, just apply online), I recommend this. I always use this for short business trips and trips. This is recommended for those who are used to overseas travel and business trips.

Shared Facilities


Shower running smoothly! Shampoo, conditioner, and body soap are provided, so you don’t have to bring nothing.


There were a lot of washstands. There are people who clean it every morning, so it’s very clean.


There is one hair dryer in each washstand, so there is no need to wait there.

Washing Machine

It costs 100 yen(1USD) for 30 minutes. I’ve never used a coin laundry, so I don’t know if it’s cheap or expensive…

Shared Lounge/Space

I’ve never been there…


Really simple but easy to go in.


This was my first time in a capsule hotel, so I was wondering what it would be like.

My impression was better than I expected. (It wasn’t really awkward when passing by other people.)



In conclusion, there is only one outlet, so it is recommended to bring a mobile battery or an expandable charger. Personally, this is the most recommended, the best. With this charger, you don’t need any other outlet to bring with your trip.

This is for when you don’t have an outlet! Anker has this outlet + charger set.

I highly recommend this conversion plug when traveling abroad. This one product can be used worldwide.


Well…anything is fine as long as it turns on. Since I’m only staying for a few nights, I’m the type of person who don’t care about small stuff.

How the bed is

Is it the size of a single bed? It feels like the futon is laid out neatly. It was a futon.

Of course, it’s not that perfect, but I think it’s great if you can sleep in a private room only for 3,000 yen. Japan is a nice country. I always think that Japan is the best country.

I got up….

not big but enough!


Toothbrush/towel large/small

All to be provided free!


This is only for the shared space.

How to Check In/Out

All of the process is finished by online.

Check-in ID and other information will be sent to you via email after making your reservation, so be sure to check your email.

Wasabi Mita Hotel Reviews

Let’s check some reviews from Google Map.

Review 4.0★★★★☆

Although it is a little far from the station, it is not dangerous even at night due to its location. Self check-in, lots of toilets and showers, and the price was good. More than 80% are foreigners, and there are women-only rooms and unisex rooms. I feel like everyone is used to it

Review 5.0★★★★★

I stayed for one night! I’m glad I was able to stay in Tokyo for less than 2500 yen! The guests were also in moderation and felt comfortable! Most of them were foreigners!


There are no locker

No lockers! For your belongings leave it next to your bed when you sleep, and take it with you when you go out!

There’s no refrigerator

There is no refrigerator~!

Access from the station (when I stayed) was bad.

This was unavoidable because it was under construction and the pedestrian bridge was under construction. I had to walk further way to reach hotel. But, now already been fixed this issue hopefuly.

The Street are a little noisy at night, but honestly I don’t mind.

This is because the hotel here is located along big street. I thought about it for a moment about 2 seconds before going to sleep, but I fell asleep right away lol

Take care of your belongings

Bring it not to forget.

No Bedmaking

because only 20USD per day!! its good to have a place to sleep.

Side story|Capsule Inn Hamamatsucho

I was wondering whether to choose Capsule Inn Hamamatsucho in Hamamatsucho Station. Considering access to Haneda Airport and access to Tokyo, this area between Shinbashi and Tamachi is the most convenient to stay.

I will try staying here next time.

Booking hotel is from Agoda!

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In conclusion, Wasabi Mita Hotel was the best budget capsule hotel. I have no complaints.

The Tamachi/Mita area has excellent access to Haneda Airport. It has excellent access for both work and play in Tokyo.

This is an area that will undergo further redevelopment in the future. Recently, I feel that the redevelopment of the Tamachi・Mita, and Hamamatsucho areas has been noticeable.

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The Best recommend reservation website is here.
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